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hi! i switch my prepaid account to postpaid. How will i access my postpaid account online?
TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi @conchi_rabago  Once the account is switched. TELUS customer service over the phone or over Twitter @TELUSsupport or by sending a private message on their Facebook page will be able to link your new account with your existing online account.


i just called teuls to ask if i could pay off my device balance on a monthly balance as im leaving in october

i was told NOPE  you must pay it all at one time I feel this is unfair

i will be away for 6 months you can put your account on vacation  for a fee to maintain your number i though we owned thes

numbers even if we move or change ???????

i will be payng off my device balance before i head out of the counrty   little dissapointing

as i have no intention of leaving telus  but  they shure make it hard and difficult to do buisness with