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I received a message from telus my telus optical decoders were returned to their destination I need them to be sent back to me

122Perla by Just Moved In
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Telus Incompetence

Thought we would try Telus, just wondering if anyone else is running into one issue after another.We had a sales rep knock on the door, promise of better service, faster internet, usual deal.Day one: tech comes to install the security system, but can...


I have an account which owes like $4500, and it went to collections. I now have KMB law contacting me threatening to sue me on behalf of Telus if i dont pay it all in the next couple days.

Resolved! Mobility Scam

Just got a call from "Telus" on my daughter's phone offering an iPhone 14 Pro Max and 30 gigs of shareable data for $45 per month. Did not speak very clearly so that was part of the reason we were on the phone so long. Can't imagine a $1,600 phone wi...

Beanwelder by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! My PREPAID Telus phone/sim card deactivated

So I bought a prepaid telus phone a while ago and I havent topped up for a few months.My account was obviously closed as it was over the 90 day period but now I cant seem to figure out how to reactivate my sim card and when I sign into my telus accou...

Unable to use Telus Prepaid visa card.

I received a Telus prepaid visa card for $50 from Telus. It can only be used at participating Telus stores. I tried to call Telus to have it used on my account. Agent couldn't do it. I couldn't do it. Error message received. Agent tried to get suppor...

Duesbute by Friendly Neighbour
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account number

hello! I have a question. I use Telus home internet and today I agreed to a mobile connection from Telus. at the moment I have a sim card from rogers and I will need to change the number. I received an email with instructions on how to do this and it...

arina by Just Moved In
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