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Just Moved In
..loyal customer over 20 years here.. Telus sending people door-to-door soliciting?? in this day and age?? Nobody solicits door to door anymore… This is unacceptable , furthermore, if this is now normal for communications companies then they need to be trained to a) stand back a couple of metres b) not to enter peoples homes EVER and
c) not use ANY gentle pressure tactics to coerce someone to sign up
I can’t believe my phone company is doing this I am so enraged that I’m considering canceling my service after all these years

Community Manager
Community Manager

While TELUS, like every other carrier, has door to door teams and will continue using this method for sales...any unwarranted behaviour that doesn't reflect the standards we uphold is not ok. Please let me know if you'd like to discuss further via private messaging to gather feedback and pass it along to the field team leadership.