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Apple Watch data issues

So I’ve had my Apple Watch since June I got it through a deal Telus had on at the time. In the plan there was a 10$ per month charge to use data on my watch. This has never worked, I’ve called in multiple times, went to the telus store were they call...

Alicia2 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! I want Access to My Billing and Call Records

Just because I switched to a Telus Mobilty Affiliate.I can no Longer See My Telus Billing Statement .Telus Customer Service Please Help.Customers should be able to access Call Logs and Billing for Services the Customer has already Paid for.

RJC1 by Neighbour
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Resolved! Law Firm claiming TELUS as a client

I have a supposed law firm calling themselves "Ofili Legal Services" with a head lawyer of one "Sukanta Saha" claiming TELUS is a client of theirs and sending me emails asking for payment on an account. I have no idea who these people are, and when I...

Soll by Just Moved In
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Cancelling auto payment

I see the (unbelievably awful optics) charge for credit card payment is showing up now. I've cancelled my auto payment and will probably switch to sending in paper cheques from now on. Just to make it so expensive for Telus that you reconsider the ve...

Vanyel01 by Just Moved In
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Mobility vacation suspension

I've submitted a vacation suspension form but haven't gotten an email regarding the status. I'm in a different country for a month so I'm unable to call the Telus customer service line with my out of country number. Was wondering if someone can help ...

Account Hardware Security Key

Will Telus add Hardware Security Keys like Yubikey for account security?I really don’t want to install another app to attempt to improve security. Hardware keys are my preferred choice for account security. Some social media & email providers, cloud ...

Reg7 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Transfer number from one Telus account to another.

I have an old flip phone with which I've been using Telus for a while. I recently bought a new smart phone and intended to continue to use Telus but my old SIM card didn't fit the new phone (standard vs nano size). I bought a new SIM card, activated ...

DM2 by Just Moved In
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