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Resolved! Who do I speak with about my old account?

I paid my account off after it was sent to collections and less than a month of canceling my account. Now its showing on my credit bureau saying it is not paid. Who do I talk to?

ecomeau11 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Password Recovery Email not being sent

I lost mt My Telus account password, and attempted to recover it, but I haven't received any recovery email. I've tried it several times. I double checked and made sure I didn't make any mistakes when typing in my email. I have my email account open ...

Resolved! Credit Card Payment

I am billed on or around the 16th of the month. I just switched my payment to a new credit card. Will it be updated by my next billing cycle?

Chazz182 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Credit balance

Hi I have a balance credit of 37.73+ 111.73 AND I want a refund Pls .my previous account is (total 149.46) Vicente Tan Thank you

Vicentegt by Just Moved In
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Resolved! billing

want my billing from Aug. 2019 on so I can get hard co[pies

mslk22 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Unable to access account after number migrated

I migrated my number last year and almost right away lost access to my account. I was unable to download my last e-bill, but thought nothing of it as the amount they charged to my CC seemed correct. Now unfortunately I need to access to that last bil...

Mobility Contract

Why does Telus not give incentives for long term users? It seems like other suppliers are trying to get people to switch, and Telus is also in that category, but there is not much in the loyalty program that makes a user want to renew their contract.

Myron by Just Moved In
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