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Adding a 3rd line to an expired contract plan

Hello, I currently have a Telus plan that I signed up for 9 years ago. It was called the Ontario GOO plan. The original contract was for 3 years, and was obtained through an Employee Purchase Plan at my employer. This plan costs $20 per line and incl...

Matt1 by Organizer
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Resolved! WIFI Calling charges for international calls

More of a statement but looking into WIFI calling wile travelling. It appears if enabled within Canada WIFI calling would be free or simply incur any charges under your mobility account usage terms. Just wondering why Telus would charge for WIFI call...

keenerboy by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Block calls

How can I block unwanted calls on my landline?

Ahj by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Taxes on device balance

So this came as news to me when I got my bill, I didn’t realize that you are charged taxes on your device balance. So when you think your device balance remaining is what the app or your bill says, think again. It will be taxed at the rate for your p...

Resolved! Rate increase

I have had Telus mobility for over 10 years now. In this time I have made an effort to never sign a new term contract to get a new phone. Always get second hand or buy full price in order to keep my monthly payment the same. But now... instead of my ...

Resolved! Joining Telus From Rogers - Questions

Hello all, I'm very interested in joining Telus mobility, I will be switching from Rogers due to service issues in a northern place in Manitoba. Right now with Rogers I get a 30% off being with the Federal Government. Does Telus offer a 30% off disco...

Resolved! Mobility Plans

I recently added a 3rd cell to my account and thought I had asked for long distance coverage to be put on it. Needless to say it didn't and the first bill showed 3 days worth of long distance. I went onto my account and chatted with a rep about addin...

Suz by Organizer
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Resolved! Existing contract

Wondering how much time is left in my existing contract ???????

cscott by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Mobility Data Enable\Disable function missing

Under the Usage tab there used to be an option to open the new mobility website so you could enable and disable data on mobility devices.The link is now gone. Is that still available somewhere?

Cinch by Just Moved In
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