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Adding a business line…

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Im currently a personal cellphone account holder and got myself a new job, it requires me to use my phone to call clients ahead of a visit but i do not want to give my personal number out.. as a solution im looking to add a second line to my iphone se 2020 utilizing its esim feature to have a second line purely for business.  So my questions are :


1: what plan would work best? All i need is talk and text for the business line

2: if i sign up online for a byod line added to my account do i have a choice for esim or will it automatically come with a physical card?


any insight to how to get it set up (account side) and working is appreciated.. i think i understand how to get it to work on the iphone once i have a esim and plan sorted out.


bonus points for anyone who knows how i can set the business line to display the company name when calling customers so they know who is calling them.


 Thank you in advance for your thoughts and comments.


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You can get a Talk and Text plan. Look under the ‘Shop’ option at the top of this page.

Yes, you should have the choice of an e-SIM.

To my knowledge, outgoing caller name display has not been implemented on Telus cellular network.

Possibly stop by a Telus Mobility store to get set up is the best option.



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Alternatives to consider.  Use a cloud based voice over IP phone service.  

Telus resells the ringcentral system and brands it as Telus business connect.  They have an available mobility add on you can buy to add a seat to business connect without a desk phone.  The app runs on the mobile phone and gives you access to a business line and distinct phone number you can use for the business calls.  You can install the computer desktop client and take calls from your PC when in the office too.  Recommend a good headset if you use the PC for calls for good quality.  Built in microphones are generally crappy on laptops so a nice wired or wireless headset with USB gives excellent experience.

Here is the product page for that:


There are similar services from other providers to that provide a virtual PBX or cloud based phone system with some on premesis based server options with good mobile apps available too.  As long as their iphone apps are designed to work with the Apple push notifications they tend to work well. 


One advantage of a virtual cloud phone system is that if your business needs grow you can add on a desk phone, extra extensions etc.  


Now if your job is requiring this, they usually would be the ones to provide this service tied in to their existing office phone system.  Maybe bring up the option of adding the cloud based phone service to them as it would benefit everyone in the company and provide a unified experience to their clients too.  Your outbound calls could also show the proper call display for the company switchboard so return calls are handled properly.  







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You could also consider a VoIP calling app if outbound calls are planned. Or try Hushed, for a private number.


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