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Hi. I urgently need help. I cant complete the registration for my My TELUS account. He writes that "These services are just waiting for the manager's approval - then they will connect", although I have no idea who the manager is, if not me, and I did...

karina by Just Moved In
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Third Party App Charges

I have been seeing a third party in app charge on my one TELUS account for two months now and I cannot figure out what the app is that is causing the charge. I have restricted all the third party permissions that were in my google account and it has ...

Lynn25 by Just Moved In
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canceling port-in

Hi. there. I am not good at English. ^^ Sorry. I joined Telus mobile two weeks ago.(before 'Phone-box') But now I have not used Telus until now. At first, I asked for Telus 'port-in' without asking for 'port-out' from 'Phone-box'. But, it doesn't wor...

bobsik76 by Just Moved In
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Hi there - will Telus consider accepting Bitcoin payments? Thanks.

mtaps by Just Moved In
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Account Number

I have a 7 digit account number and online banking won’t accept it as a valid account number. Tech support tells me I’m not allowed to use online banking then. I feel like there’s a solution for this that is pretty simple but no one can direct me.

psheriff by Just Moved In
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Is this a scam offer

Hi! Thanks for choosing Telus,As per our telephonic conversation, we have the best deals for all the latest devices.Your requested deal is as follow:Received a call telling me they had a promo for $45 a month including a new phone and they emailed me...

Voicemail set-up

When I call to set-up my voicemail: 1st I get the welcome message in 3 languages. I push 1 for English. Next it asks me for a mailbox number...Phone number does not work. Help!!


I received an alert from Credit Karma that a new activity occurred on August 18, 2022. Upon review, I noted that Met Credit is a collection company that has added a collection to my credit bureau of $8975 on behalf of TELUS. Before this, I never rece...

sapadut by Just Moved In
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$150 roaming charges

my wife and I went to france. we turned off our roaming and turned off our data before leaving wife was charged $90 for roaming and I was charged $60.