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Resolved! Transfer number from one Telus account to another.

I have an old flip phone with which I've been using Telus for a while. I recently bought a new smart phone and intended to continue to use Telus but my old SIM card didn't fit the new phone (standard vs nano size). I bought a new SIM card, activated ...

DM2 by Just Moved In
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Telus support closed !?

I took the chance at Black Friday and choose a Iphone 13. On top I got unlimited 100 for $67 (instead of previous $85. Today my billing shows $77 thus I tried to speak or chat to Telus. But they are closed and offer me a call back in 2 days at the ea...

Heiner by Just Moved In
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SIM swap scam

I got a message about a request to transfer my number to another service provider, and I can't get through to support. What should I do?

Mattark by Just Moved In
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Call me back as I lost connection

Last night I got a call from Telus. And this guy offered me a better plan and with reduced monthly rate and I waited on hold for 1 hour while he was getting it put in computer and then I got cut off and nobody called me back as of yet.

Sgould by Just Moved In
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Hi I signed up with Telus and they told me how much I would be paying and my bills are way over what I signed up for. I like to cancel both phones and return both phones. At least with my other provider my bills was always true to what I was promised...

Sgould by Just Moved In
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Okay TELUS! This is alittle ridiculous already, our payment was made October 30th, it was applied to the wrong account and we had to track it down and request for it to be applied to the right account. We were told by the individual who took our call...

md21 by Just Moved In
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Logging into app via iOS

Hi There, I recently switched to an iPhone and I can't seem to get the Telus app to login. I can do it on my laptop browser with the same login/password, but on the app, it continually tells me my login is incorrect. I've tried resetting my password ...

pvansh by Just Moved In
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Hurricane Fiona Data overages

Got a text from Telus after the storm that any data overages from Hurricane Fiona would be reversed on the next bill. I'm still getting charged the regular amount. Why have these charges not been reversed?

Mike10 by Just Moved In
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