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Getting harassed and billed again and again even after porting out

Just Moved In

I want someone with responsibility and control to contact me ASAP. I am done with Telus and want to be out of this billing cycle of TELUS. I am done with TELUS and never coming back to TELUS even in my worst dreams.   

I Cancelled my service two months ago and ported out to koodo ( would be porting out from that as well because of telus) and still getting billed for either the Bring it back device which I already returned in store or billed for other charges or interest. This is crazy. I settled my bill when I ported out and I went to the store and returned the device just to make sure that there would be no other charges. But it is never ending cycle. Previously I was charged for local calls on an unlimited Nationwide plan and I have to call for hours to get that corrected. Got the charges back but I realized that I was never returned the taxes on those which would be $2-3 and I ignored that to save myself from this horrendous Telus experience. It takes forever to go through the bot system and them another 2-3 hrs to go through the support which is no better than the bots. 
I was on call for hours today to get the charges and Interest fixed for the Bring it back. She assured that it is corrected and charges would be 0. But guess what, by the end of the day the balance is back to $3. I am literally getting PTSD from this constant harassment. Now I have to call them again tomorrow and don't even know how long they are going to make me suffer. For this same reason I would be porting out from Koodo as well. I don't want even a penny of my hard earned money go to TELUS for the stress they have given me in the past year and continuing until now.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. I'll send you a private message to discuss further, thanks.