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Why should I stay as a Telus customer?

Just Moved In

I have been a Telus mobility customer on my current cell phone account since 2003, and on a previous account back to 1996. I have been a lifelong Telus account holder for TV and internet.
My current cell phone has a 1GB of data. When it goes over Telus charges me $20 for the next tier. Then they charge me again to a max of $50 and lock my account.

Today I went to the competitor and they offered me a new Pixel phone for $35 dollars ($0 down) and 50GB of data for $45 over 24 months that equals $85. The “Loyalty” department at Telus offered me the same term, the same data, the same phone for $111 a month and would not waive the $50 data charge because it was 5 days old. I have been paying Telus $150 a month for the same service on my old phone for as long I can remember.

The question are, why should I stay, and would you stay?

My Dad is retired Telus, he always joked that my payments went towards his pension. Sorry Dad, and sorry you are ashamed.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. Just following up on this. Of course we'd like you to stay with us! Have you spoken with our Mobility team about getting the fee waived since posting this?