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Did you mean: webpage Account Overview automatically closes

Just Moved In

The MyTelus login page normally should send the user to the account Overview page but it only flashes on screen for a split second before closing itself

The page will then only show the top and bottom (which has all the company links/help..etc) but its a nightmare to try to access your billing/PDF.. etc through the browser.  I tried on multiple computers and browsers and they all have this problem


How long as this problem been going on ? 


Just Moved In

Yep - having the same problem!  This has happened often to me when I'm trying to access information about my account.  It is so frustrating. 


Hi @WuHT and @hmcmaster I can log in just fine. How long have you two had this issue?

it wasn't functioning for at least a few days , but beyond that I confirm it has worked months ago so I had confidence with Telus.


Granted, I can log in fine as well.   Its just that the Account Overview tab won't bring you anywhere (basically the webpage leads you to just the header and the footer of the telus page and you have 1/2 a second to mash on a link/button to try to get to another tab)

What we could do is delete your online account and then build it back up but you would have to call in so we can do that