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Automatic top-ups on 30-day plans

Just Moved In

Super confused here. How can I automatically pay a 17.25$ 30-day plan if I am only given fixed price options (10, 25, 50 and 100$) ?!?

10$ won't be enough and other options will be too much, stacking up until credits expire and TELUS keeps my money.

Only option I see is to alternate 10$/25$ every month manually, or use 25$ top ups and skip a month every now and then.


Do they really need to be assholes by not offering a custom amount option, or even better, an option where they can just take the exact amount like any other contract plan ? I just hate those marketing strategies where they give hell to those who don't buy the product they want people to buy. People with a corporate phone&plan wanting to keep a personal line (with eSIM) with the cheapest call&text plan are clearly not considered.



@jellob9 You can set up your bank account or your credit card for monthly charges 10---- 25 ------ 50 ---100. What ever plan you choose on prepaid. I have $100 --365 and pay it once a year manually on line. You can't carry over unused balance on monthly or yearly plans. You can put a pile of money on a 30 day plan but the plan expires at the end on 30 days unless you top it up.