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Epp account frustration!

Just Moved In

I have an EPP account.  Yesterday I tried to order a certified used phone.  I was unable to do this from the MyTelus APP or from the Telus website.  I can only access services and products online through my corporate email, which I can only access in my workplace.   I spent an hour on the phone with a Telus rep and even he could not help me order the phone I wanted because it can only be done through self serve.  I even sent a photo of my work ID to prove I am who I said I was because I was not at work and therefore could not access my corporate email.  The MyTelus APP even says I have an EPP account so why can't I get this phone any other way?  Confused...


Community Power User
Community Power User

Usually EPP is managed through the reseller who manages your corporate phone purchases, not Telus. If you know who  the reseller is for your corporate purchases, you might be able to address this by contacting them. 

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