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Dealing with Telus after account gone to collections

Just Moved In
I am trying to get services again through Telus, and unfortunately I found out I had a past due bill with them that went to collections (I had no clue - I thought my modem was sent back but apparently not).

I cannot get services again until the flag is remove from my account saying I paid in full to the collection agency.

As soon as I found out I contacted the agency with the information Telus provided and made the payment to my account. About 3-4 business days later I received a letter of release. 5-6 business days later the collection agency told me their client care phoned Telus and said that my account was paid in full.

Telus is saying this did not happen. They finally allowed me to email them a copy of the letter of release and my communication with collections today in hopes to expedite the process.

Now that Telus has my letter of release proving that I paid is there any hopes of getting service any time soon? The agent from the billing department today said to give him 2-3 business days and he would have it handled. I’ve been bounced between so many people at Telus I’m not sure I believe him.

I’m so hopeless right now.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Ella1994 


Sorry to hear about the trouble. Can you send our social media team a message and they'll take a deeper look into this for you?