Galaxy S3 Price with 3 year contract?


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On the site it says $100 for the SGS3. I told my mother to go and get me the phone (leg broken, difficult to walk, let alone drive). She comes back telling me they wanted her to pay $262 with activation fee for the phone. I double checked the site and I see the S4 is $220 and I'm almost sure they thought she meant the S4 rather than the S3. Can someone confirm this? I don't see how the price could be $262 for the SGS3, especially with the S4 released.

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Yeah it's $100 +$10 for SIM card + taxes...


Either she said something like this: "my son wants the newest Galaxy" so that meant the S4 to the reps OR they may have tried to sell her on the S4 instead anyway. It's $229.99 + $10 for SIM card + taxes, which comes out to close to 262 (depending on which province you're in) but NO activation fees. Even if there was, it is normally invoiced, not payed in store.


The only other scenario I could see that # being realistic is if you are an existing customer and had approximately $100 or so of an existing device balance for your renewal.


Ah, yes, thanks for the confirmation. I wanted to make sure I was correct before wasting her time.