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I'm just looking for some outside opinions as to my current mobile monthly service charges.

Device: iPhone 7 32GB
(2 year contract)
Unlimited Text Msg.
Unlimited Canada Wide L/D
20 GB shared data

**Cost : $239.00 + tax / Month
I have been a loyal Telus customer for over a decade, and before I even start looking elsewhere for better deals I just want to know if other people feel like over $250 per month is excessive for any personal (non business use)cell phone service?? Any thoughts or opinions are appreciated.
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Community Power User
If you can find a way to reduce your data allotment, your cost will drop dramatically. If you really need those volumes of mobile data, you might be better to try one of the new entrants to the market.
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TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

I can't really comment because you'll notice the employee tag under my name. All I can do is compare prices for you through other providers for you. The only ones to compare would be Bell and Rogers because anyone else is not a premium brand. Through a discount brand you're getting considerably less speeds and throttling and for the kind of usage you're talking about that sounds like a problem for you. 

I'm not sure if anyone explained the premium plus smartphone plan trend but, it''s just the $10 price difference monthly to pay less upfront monthly for the device. I'll include those options. 

Iphone 7 32gb 

Telus - $400 - $215 + tax monthly or $200 for $225 + tax monthly

Rogers - $400 either 15gb package for $165 or 30gb for $235 or $200 upfront and 15gb package $175 and 30gb package $245. expect a $20 Activation fee on your first invoice and after 6 months $10 a month will be tacked onto your invoice for spotify.

Bell - $200 only offering 15gb $185 or $400 for device and $195


A couple of other options you could look at:

Depending on your location you may be eligible for the current 500gb for $110 plan for the smarthub or the 250gb for $75 smarthub plan. These are only offered in very specific communities on very specific towers. They will NOT work if you are not connected to the certain towers and in certain ranges. You can check for eligibility here.


Then you could just tether your phone from it 🙂 

Or the other option would be doing an ipad contract at the same time where you would qualify for a bigger discount on the phone AND you could pair a tablet flex with the promotional phone data. It would put more a little more work on you to monitor the phone data. Then switch to tethering from the tablet data but, be cheaper in the long run and you' d have 2 devices. $100 extra off the phone if you are getting a tablet and phone at the same time. 



So you could do the Iphone 7 32gb for $100 upfront ($100 off a phone when you get a tablet too) on the  your choice $75 unlimited canada wide calling with promotional $45 for 6gb then do the Ipad 32gb for $140 upfront (or ipad mini free) and repayment of $20 monthly and the tablet flex plan which flexes up to 10gb for $85 = $225 for 16gb and an ipad and iphone 7 32gb for only $40 more upfront. That way is a little more tedious because you have 4 less gb of data and have to tether  yourself. You'd monitor your usage through the app. Depends if you are using the full 20gb. Just another option for you. The 6gb for $45 is only good until May 31. 

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