Contract ending, looking for new phone


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My contract ends December 9th, I was looking on the site and am interested in getting the LG g6 or the Samsung s7 the same way I got my current HTC m9 , which is ordering online as there isn't a store in my town and don't have funds to get out of town.. at the end of my contract can I just cancel my service and order a new phone, then transfer my current number? I'm really looking to save my current number..

Hi Caitlyn, you should be able to port your number out from your current provider and use it with TELUS. Give their sales team a call at 1-888-692-8888 so that they can look into offers and promos for you! 

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Community Power User

If you are already a Telus Customer, you should be able to simply move your SIM from one phone to the other.

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