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How can I add a 'member' to my online 'my account'.
I can only see myself as the 'owner' & would like to add my daughter as authorized to do any changes as a 'manager'.
Would this also enable her to call customer service on my behalf as well?
That is what I would like. Thanks!
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Community Power User

As far as I know, you would need to connect with Telus directly by phone, chat, Twitter or email to address this change.


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TELUS Employee

This is not going to give her any authority for calling customer service or going to the store. This is just so she can download the app and make changes online. You can email Telus with her first and last name and ask them to add her as an authorized name (if you want her to be able to call customer service) and/or account administrator at the store level if you want her to be able to go to the store and renew on her own if you're not there. If you know your account pin when you email in that's best. If not then provide 4 pieces of authentication if you can. Or you can always call in or chat. The 4 pieces of information that are best would be Date of birth, address, your account number, and the last 4 digits of your Driver's License number. I'll link the email link at the bottom for you. Smiley Happy


Okay, once you're logged in on the desktop site (not the app) > in the black bar on the left click on My Profile > scroll down a little to the second white box under Your accounts and the 3rd option down Add, remove and manager users > you may have to select a different number under the stay connected area in the top right hand > Now in the next section it will either allow you to send invite for access if that person has never had an email associated or it will ask for your approval or for you to upgrade that person to an account manager if they have already attempted to register themself without your permission. 


Here's your link to send Telus the email for adding an authorized/account admin to your account or chat in. 



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