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I am new to Telus, they sent a technician to hook us up , so we no longer have the service from Shaw . We were not sent the TV box beforehand , so we have had no TV for 2 days so far. Why would you send someone to connect you without making sure you ...

Rewards Gift Card

I purchased a $10 Amazon gift card with my rewards. Now I don’t have the number for it or the card when I added it to my wallet it unfortunately did not copy the back of it so I don’t have the code to add it to Amazon. How do I find it? Thank you.

Life101 by Just Moved In
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Customer service

Spent 10+ hours trying to transfer names on account. No success, multiple more hours trying to cancel services. Still receiving bills. No one will contact me. Months and months of nightmares.

Bbrown33 by Just Moved In
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I have been a Telus customer for several years but have recently experienced difficulty with monthly billing. Six months ago Telus just stopped billing me for TV and four months ago they stopped billing me for all of my home services which they conti...

Marley22 by Just Moved In
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Door to Door Sales Scam

A few days ago, a Telus door-to-door representative cold called and convinced me to add Netflix and Amazon Prime to my internet account. My bill before adding these services was $99 before tax, and he said the new amount would be $107 before tax. Tod...

Namadoor by Just Moved In
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Information Edmonton

I am not happy with TELUS' treatment of customers. and I think I'm not the only one who is angry with your service. I subscribed to an internet service without being informed of the duration of the contract. I want to unsubscribe and Telus tells me t...

Joël2 by Just Moved In
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System not charging my credit card correctly

My old credit card expired in October. Updating this in the system was already a challenge because the webpage glitched out so often. After trying for a few days (SIC) it seemed to finally store it and I was able to see the new expiration date in my ...

jot by Just Moved In
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Telus rewards

I received an email saying I used my rewards to plant a tree which I did not and cannot access the rewards page to see. It comes up as “oops” error code.

Tman68 by Just Moved In
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