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[Megathread] TELUS Rewards

Community Manager
Community Manager

Looking for info about our TELUS Rewards program? You've come to the right thread. You'll find your answers here, but if you don't...feel free to ask your own question for our community to answer! From Amazon and PlayStation gift cards, to brand new electronics, and other great can earn points to redeem simply by being a valued TELUS customer! Let's check out some details on the program and how you can start earning!


How it Works

TELUS Rewards is a free program that enables eligible new and existing TELUS customers to earn points on their monthly bill and redeem them for amazing rewards. Earn 2% in points for every dollar spent on eligible Home Services, and an extra 2 points every month simply by linking your TELUS Post-paid Mobility account as long as its active! For example, if you spend $100 per month, you'll earn 2 points! There's also an Enrollment bonus just for starting up, and even a bonus on your anniversary! Get bonus points after each year of membership! Awesome!


If you have 2 or more of these products, you're eligible for our Rewards program:

- Home Phone

- Internet

- Optik TV

- Satellite TV

- Pik TV

- SmartHome Security

- A linked Post-paid TELUS Mobility account


How to Sign Up

It's easy! All you need to do is sign up via your My TELUS account. Visit our page HERE and simply click on the green 'Access your rewards' button to get started. If you don't have a My TELUS account, there's a link right below that button to get you registered. Then you can start earning!



For answers to any other questions you may have, be sure to check out our handy FAQ page or reach out to our team at 1-888-811-2323 to speak with our team!


It's under the Telus Services category. I just used it a couple of days ago. Note that you can only redeem for Telus services credit once every 12 months.

View solution in original post


Got my credits reinstated but missing one credit from my history. The TV is showing an expiry of 90 days but the reps say that they are only good for 30 days. This is maddening. Also, I must have watched a movie on the "last" day before they yanked my credits. I am hoping the system processed it before yanking the credits entirely, otherwise I'll end up being charged and will have to call yet again.

Friendly Neighbour

All reward Coupons are valid for 90 days. If a rep told you 30 days, I believe that only applies to replacement coupons a rep can give you and I believe  the rep can set expiry for a replacement coupon. He/She should have set it to 90 days.


I received replacement coupons and they were all 90 days.


I have enough points to redeem a gift card. I collected them for a very long time.
Why aren't there any of the gift cards available?
Nothing else useful.....

when will the new gift cards be added?

Community Power User
Community Power User

We are all customers here, and have no insight to Telus future plans. Simply check back to the rewards page regularly, and find what you want once it is posted!

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Reward points

@lavoratop  Go to your account and you will see rewards section with amount and activity etc. Note payment to you account only once  a year, Telus  master card only use in telus stores.  Read all regulations. Polecat

Log on to My TELUS and access the rewards from your home services account.


TELUS Rewards.png

Thank you. Unfortunately, that highlighted link only takes one to the rewards screen. Still unable to redeem my 75+ points towards bill credit. (🤷‍:female_sign:🤷🏻‍:male_sign:)

The highlight was to show the section on the page. The link is actually on Go to your rewards accounts. Once there you can browse the available rewards. The one you are looking for is under the category TELUS Services.




@Kscha  If you go to the rewards page follow it -more rewards to more rewards it is the last page 50-25-10 $ account credits. Only allowed $50 once a year--------Telus mc only good at telus stores.


On Google it says that you can not use these rewards credit as bill payment. Telus has stopped doing it

march19/24.   They are discontinuing the rewards program July/24

Telus has decided that my login information is now incorrect. This is ridiculous but it will not let me log into my account. Do they suddenly decide to change my password without telling me or what?

Sometimes the login page glitches. Your password hasn't changed. You are logged in but it doesn't take you to the account page but shows an error instead. Try refreshing the error page (F5) or clicking on the My TELUS link again. Sometimes you need to close the browser and start again.

Thanks very much for helping me to persevere. I decided to unmask my password and saw that it was indeed NOT my password. I have no idea where that came from but once I put in my real password, I could access my account again and have managed also to access Telus Rewards. I really appreciate your help.

If you are using the browser's feature that saves your credentials for site you need to turn that off for Telus. The browser can get mixed up between your Neighbourhood credentials and your My Telus credentials. It's best to turn off that feature for any site that has sensitive information like financial or services. My rule is if it has your real address or any account number don't use the feature.

Okay; actually the password wasn't any that I had but your point is good and I could easily turn that off and I will.


Does anyone know if there is an expiry date when redeeming reward points for on demand movies?


Community Power User
Community Power User

Not to my knowledge. You can, of course redeem points for this purpose any time you wish.


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So just got a confirmation from Telus about redeeming my rewards points for 1 on demand movie.  It appears that I have 60 days to use that redemption reward and if I had redeemed for a 5 movie pak, I would have 120 days to use that redemption.  It is annoying that Telus does not post this important information on the page where you actually redeem your points for this reward.  It seems it is "hidden" somewhere in the fine print....hmmmm!


I'd redeemed an gift card in the past and now all that's listed under Amazon is the Amazon Echo (2nd generation). Is redeeming points for a GC a one time event or did Telus remove them?