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Public ip for 4g hotspot modem

I purchased a 4g hotspot for our summer cottage for the sole purpose of monitoring while im away. Unfortunately telus won't assign a public ip to non business users. What the ........ ? my 200 modem i just purchased from telus is now a brick as the 2...

darrterr by Neighbour
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Resolved! Upgrading/Contract Termination

So here's the situation right now: I've only had my iPhone 5S for 7 months out of the 2-year contract, but I'm considering terminating my contract in order to upgrade to the OnePlus One. Hypothetically speaking, in regards to the service, I would hav...

Raine by Organizer
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biggest mistake

We have had a telus account for many years...We were told that our home out of town had coverage and based on that we updated our phones...surprise...complete dead zone....we now pay over 150 a month for two phones we cannot use at our primary reside...

here are my thoughts Telus

why dont you come up with several options for your customers like having a 1 year term with a phone @ more money for the phone on a year termyes still have the 2 year terms with phones at a cheaper rate but give us a choiceif you give more options ou...

river by Coach
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No service

My iphone 4S has no service. It searches and finds telus momentarily then cuts out and says no service again

Sold eSecuritel by telus agent with false information

I signed up for a three year contract with Telus ~14 months ago. I had never purchased a smart phone prior due to the very high cost of replacing them. For this reason the telus agent sold me the eSecuritel insurance whereby I pay a monthly fee and m...

ktaylor by Just Moved In
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Picture messaging direct to phone

I was wondering if there's way to receive pictures directly to my text conversation, instead of a link to the browser. Even if it involves switching to a new SMS app. Thanks!

kyle9696 by Just Moved In
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No service

Hi so I got a telus prepaid SIM card today in Medicine Hat, put it in my HTC One and it was working fine. I drove out of the city towards Calgary and then it lost signal.Now I have absolutely no service, when I scan networks the only one I can pick u...

simmo0020 by Just Moved In
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