Telus Hub Internet Inquiries. (A plead as well)


Okay, so, I am a gamer and I own a Telus hub as it is the only way for me to have an okay internet speed due to living in a rural area. Don't get me wrong, without the hub, I wouldn't even be able to reach 1 MB/s, but I believe it is connecting to an incorrect server because during speed tests it says the Vancouver host is closer and auto connects to it. In reality, I am much closer to Edmonton and when doing said connection tests, I score much higher on the Edmonton host (around 20mb/s+) than I do with the Vancouver one (3mb/s average, which is consistent with the speeds I see when not doing the test.) There are numerous signal boosters installed here as well, and I get an LTE+ signal on my mobile devices on different Telus plans. I would like to fix these slow speeds and hopefully use this hub to its fullest potential.




On a separate inquiry, I have been on calls with support on numerous occasions asking for an open NAT type option for the Telus hub, and have gotten mixed replies. Some say it is already a thing that you pay extra for, others say it is in the works, and a few say that it won't be an option. Without an open NAT, I am unable to connect to most players, and it really limits my social experience. I don't believe it would be impossible to implement this or come out with a better alternative while not increasing the price exponentially.


Anyways, that is pretty much it, I hope I will find the answers I seek, and I am wishing for a fast solution. I have faith in you, Telus. Come through for me, and countless others.


PS- I also have not received a battery for the hub, and I have owned it for roughly two years.


If any clarity is needed, feel free to ask, andI'll specify.



Picture of my download speed in action. (Not on speed test).

2019-01-23 (2).png