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#TELUSDIRECT and Nexus Devices

So I work somewhere quite close to a #TELUSDIRECT hotspot. I want to connect to the #TELUSDIRECT hotspot (not #TELUS) with my Nexus 6. It is asking me for a password or other form of authentication. Does anyone know what that is? Thanks.

Tower Locations in Alberta

My work we currently use Sierra wireless AirLink Raven XE modems for roaming internet access around the province. These particular modems do not contain a GPS to determine exact location, does Telus have a site or a way to track the tower these modem...

Hal_Rob by Just Moved In
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plan add ons

I added No charge Long distance : CAN to CAN to my current plan, does this mean no charge long distance incoming calls as well as no charge long distance outgoing calls?

Keysha by Just Moved In
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Changing SIM card after contract is up.

My contract is up and I have been continuing my old plan on a month to month basis for the last year now. I have an iPhone 4s with a micro SIM card, if I were to buy an unlocked iphone 6 (not subsidized), am I able to buy a new SIM card from Telus th...

mobile bandwidth

Is Telus ever going to offer a decent amount of bandwidth on the mobile flex plans? 10GB is the max they offer. I can go through that in a day. And the overage price is just outrageous. Rogers offers upto 100GB on their flex plan for $155. That's whe...

Data Sim

Greetings, My BlackBerry PlayBook has a V3 Nano SIM, which works, but seems a bit slow. BlackBerry says I should have a "data only" SIM. Is the SIM I have right now data only? Or does Telus offer this kind? Thanks,Shane.

Shane by Leader
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I topped up my account... does my plan stay the same?

Basically I can't log into my online account because I don't know my 4-6 character initial log in (thr one above where it asks for my postal code)Anyways, I added 25$ to my already unlimited texting pre paid balance, I was wondering if that goes dire...