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Wifi Calling LAN Configuration

Just Moved In

We have a large facility, majority of the building has not signal coverage.  The intention was to put in a DAS system but this has been delayed for a couple months.  Figured we can utilize our wireless to make wifi calling in the interim.  The firewall is very restrictive and only allows limited tcp/udp ports.  I was on a call with Telus for about an hour, most of it being on hold, being passed to another group, eventually I just hung up and figured I'd message this forum to see if anyone is aware of the information I'm looking for.  


Destination IPs or FQDN and ports that need to be open to make wifi calling - as far as I am aware udp 500 and udp 4500 is a required, but need to know if there are any other ports.  


AT&T made this information readily available by posting it on the interwebs but haven't found any information from Telus



Have you considered building a separate SSID and VLAN for mobile phones and tablets?  I put them on a completely separate network.

Thanks for the response Bill but the issue is with the adding entries in the firewall to enable Telus wifi calling, it's being dropped at firewall.  Regardless of SSID or vlan, it'll still need to pass through the firewall to perform a wifi call.


The is the link from AT&T that i mentioned in my initial post, all i need is the same info but from the Telus network.


I realize the information you were looking for and ideally it would be useful to know it, but I don't have a high degree of confidence you'll get it.  I generally build a less restrictive network separately for BYOD including mobile phones while keeping the settings more restrictive for the production network.   My only other suggestion would be to put a device temporarily on a separate network and use a packet sniffer to see where it talks to.  

As an additional comment, I could not get a sensible response as to why they disallow wifi calling outside of Canada which is why I doubt they can tell  you the ports and protocols.

I did receive a lot of ridiculous and absurd reasons as to why they didn't allow wifi calling outside of Canada.  It it weren't so sad, it would make an interesting article as to why not to just make things up. 

So good luck....