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Weaker cellular network signal


I used to have full 5 bar signal at my house which is about 4 blocks away from tower eNB ID113502 in northeast Edmonton.  Now I get a fluctuating signal of 2 or 3 bars.  It results in multiple dropped and poor quality calls.  I went out for a walk last night with a friend to compare signal from two devices:  Approx. two blocks away from the tower with a full line of sight, we could only get 4 bars.  We experienced the same thing at tower eNB ID113489.  I believe the power has been reduced on these towers.  I didn't sign up for this reduced service.  Please advise.


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Community Power User

eNB ID113502 - The tower next to the Clareview Superstore.

eNB ID113489 -  Kennedale Industrial area


Can't say I've ever had problems with either of those towers. I drive past both of them on my way to work. I can't see Telus reducing the power on any cell tower. For me, I live 7 blocks from the nearest tower, not line of sight, and I have more bars than normal right now. My tower is definitely got more users than either of those two since I live in a very built up area and the tower is a short stubby one compared to the very tall Clareview tower. Even on 2 bars I have no issue making calls.


I can't really see it being congestion unless there is an unusually large number of people connecting at once.


Did your phone recently get any software updates? Which phone do you have? Which OS is it running? Are you on LTE or 3G?

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My Pixel 4 is running Android 10 and LTE.  My daughter's Iphone 8 has the same reception as does my neighbor with his old Z10 Blackberry.  Walking down 50th street last night, the best we got was 4 which wouldn't give anyone trouble.  The occasional drop to 1 bar was the real problem.  Interestingly enough, after experiencing this issue over the last 3 weeks, I am now back at 4 and 5 bars as of 5:00 PM.  (Remote reset of something not working?)  Hopefully it stays.

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In an era where cellular connectivity is of apex importance, the irony is that most of us fall prey to poor connectivity issues every now and then. Though the cell phone network carriers boast of increasing number of towers and a strong network set up.

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Agreed.  It also takes a lot of time and resources to implement advancements in technology.  We usually have to wait until the changes add up to something significant.  In this case, the existing tech is working for most of us.  And since shortly after my post, I still have a relatively stable 4g signal.