Telus Peace of Mind Plan and Tethering


Can someone confirm, I'm looking at the Telus Peace of Mind plan 10 or 20gb it says Non shared.

From other older plan forum searches, it seems that non shared applies to multiple phone numbers on the same plan and not about Tethering.


"The 10GB plan is Not Shareable data between other cellphones on an account like a family plan (shareable data between phones). Making a hotspot tethering is allowed."


" the "non-shareable" part of this deal is in relation to family plan sharing, where multiple people share pooled data.  Sharing with your own devices is fine. "


Can someone from Telus please confirm if I can tether my iPhone to my iPad with these new Peace of Mind plans?



Community Power User
Community Power User

Telus has never prohibited tethering, but be aware a tethered device sees your phone as a Wi-Fi connection, and may download copious amounts of data.


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You can use the Wi-Fi hotspot feature up until your full speed data runs out so using your iPad with what's still remaining on your 10/20/50GB portion you'll be ok with.


Shareable is just that if have one user that say uses 25GB and one that uses 5 and were on a 20 & 10GB plan the heavy user wouldn't be throttled and hotspot would continue to work past the 20GB although if went over the shared total overage charges would apply.