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Powering down of services at night.

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Greetings,  I am in Dalhousie NB and in the impossible effort of contacting Telus to complain about my late night service,  stumbled upon this forum.   At issue is the late night / early morning service that recently ( within the last two months) became extremely reduced in signal strength .  The owners of the cell sites in my area is Bell and I believe that they have recently with a few months started to power down portions of their network at night, either for cost reduction or equipment savings.     The problem is with the local terrain and tower locations,  what is left is a terrible spotty service which half the time is coming from another province and results in your phone to display the wrong time zone (Quebec is eastern time,   NB Atlantic). 


I download an app called Network Cell info and began mapping service in my location here in Northern NB.   The communities and towers within my area border with the province of Quebec.   There are Bell Aliant towers on this side of the border,   Telus towers on the Quebec side.   With this software ,  I was able to map out using ENB-LCID numbers the various sectors  / Bands that are provided .  At night ,  a lot of "sectors" become unavailable which results in the phone to grab much weaker signals from the Quebec side.  


I have notice suddenly much heavier demand of battery usage at night and with the software note that the phone is continuously handing off from cell to cell to cell as much as 20 times a minute.   There have been occasions where people have tried to call and my phone actually doesn't ring.   This has in fact resulted in the inability for my employer to contact me for replacement duties .  During my early morning commute,  streaming music becomes spotty as there are now missing "sectors" along my route.   It all "magically" comes back on at around 6:00 am when the "big switch" is thrown and all service / sectors reappear.


I believe as a customer,  I should have 24 hour service from all equipment.   Right now from about 11PM at night to 6 AM ,  this is not happening.  Its resulted in lost income from employers not being able to contact me.   I have also heard of others who live is fringe service areas experience the same issue.    I don't consider this to be very fair and I am taking a strong look at the Rogers site who leave their stuff powered up at night.   Could be the answer to my issue.  




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Have you contacted technical support yet? When subscribers notify Telus of the issue, they can reach out to Bell to try get some answers. I've never heard of towers being powered down before at night. I would definitely recommend contacting technical support directly. If there are others in the area that you know that are having the same issue, have them call too. The more, the better. 🙂

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From August 29:


In Vancouver, and at roughly 12:00 (midnight) my services are not working, currently on hold so far 53 minutes waiting for Telus Support!


i believe your situation is also happening here in Vancouver..


Although there is the possibility that there's some sort of interference happening, the thought of the providers turning off towers at night to save electricity sounds like nonsense.  Emergency services need to be called at all hours and turning off towers deliberately would-be legal suicide.  You need to get some qualified technical help