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Phone delivery

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Ordered a phone on December 12th and was told 5-7 business days. Phone didn’t arrive so called them and understandably there was back up due toholidays. They said give it a few extra days. Called back December 30th and was told January 3rd. Called today, January second and was told that Telus will ship it to me on January third and that it’s not actually arriving January third. Pretty garbage service and very pissed I’m now locked into a contract with a company so **bleep** slow. I understand that holidays can make things slow. However more than about 5 weeks will have passed by the time I receive the phone. Assuming they don’t f*ck up anything else. Bullsh*t.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Was your phone a Google Pixel? They have been on backorder for some time.


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