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NFC Mobile Payments

I don’t currently use NFC payments but as per this Telus article, do you really need a NFC SIM card? Don’t most phones now have a NFC chip built in already?

Community Power User
Community Power User

That may be an older article. Telus now only sells two types of SIM cards currently. A physical one and an eSIM.


Telus launched their NFC SIM cards in 2013. Some financial instutions used to require a users phone to have one of those cards to be able to use NFC and to securely store data from the banks. Now that many years have passed and NFC is pretty much available in all modern devices, I wouldn't be surprised if it's baked in to the one SIM that's for sale now or the banks have found a different way to securely store information that doesn't involve the SIM.


Example from almost 7 years ago:


TELUS confirms that the “new SIM is mandatory and required for use with TELUS’ mobile payment service” and that “the NFC SIM allows storage of secure credentials required to use mobile payment services.”

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Thanks for the reply. When I did a Google search for Telus NFC payments or Telus contactless payments, that was the only page that comes up. Strange that it’s so outdated and Telus hasn’t updated it.