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Hi, How to deactivate mobile phone voice mail

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If I cannot be reached on my mobile phone, I don't want people to be able to leave a voice mail. How do I deactivate voicemail on the mobile? The phone should ring forever and never ever should it go to voice mail.



@hoangnam123  I have a prepaid cell for travell only yearly. At start each call x cents --- data would show up adds etc -- another x cents using up yearly balance. Even got charged by them telling me that i am now in a different time zone duh. Phoned in had them block data. You can  access internet on wifi if wanted. Yearly is now x calls x texts. They can have them block it.  Polecat

Community Power User
Community Power User

You can call in and ask it be removed, or you can set up an Extended Absence Greeting which does not allow messages too be left. Your Extended Absence Greeting could direct folks to another number you monitor, or simply direct them to call again.


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