Dropped calls in Shawnessy


Approx. 1 year and still on going, our calls are getting routinely dropped on our cell phones.  We were told too get new SIM cards, we did.  We were told to add wifi  to our phones for phone calls we did.  We had our phones checked at the Apple Store for "defects". We did.  Our phones work perfectly, except for in our home.  We do live a bungalow.  Telus keeps coming up with excuses of how it must be us.  Talked to service lady yesterday, she was going to call me back in 30 minutes...... still waiting.  Rogers, are you ready for a new customer! 

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If the phones work everywhere except your home, that suggests your home is the culprit! What happens if you go outside your home? Do you have a stucco exterior? How distant are cell towers?


There are many things that can affect cell reception, and you need to determine if switching will make any difference.

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What is the signal strength? You can't just go by the bars on the icon. See this article.



Do other people have similar issues in your home?


Check out this site to determine the distance and path from the nearest cell tower to your house.



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