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Data purchased but not showing up on my phone - LOATHE their service!!


I bought Data 65 add on on June 9. My phone account says I have 27 days left on it. Yet, I don't have data on that very phone. I call the *611 and after selecting 1, 2 and 3 (different calls) and the service always goes to a "We value our customers" and then they promptly hang up. I've tried the live chat for expedited concerns. They are not currently taking information. I click on a Contact tab and I get forwarded to a sales page. And the Feedback link leads to a nothing-page. So I hopped in my car and drove an hour to my nearest telus store and was told to call *611.


My inside response was best left unrecorded. Outwardly, I tried to not show my frustration too much but I did tell them I was baffled as to why the customer service would tell a person to visit them in person when they can't help. They only sell stuff, they don't service it. 


I was told by the poor fellow that Telus is dealing with COVID matters. OK, fine, so too is everyone else. But if you can't service a product, don't sell it in the first place! Other high tech firms that I work with are letting tech teams work from home. Heck, even the laggard Canadian federal government has managed to deliver extraordinary service online. Yet, Telus sells data but doesn't deliver?


And, yes, my data is turned on in my settings. 


Grrrrr. I'm starting to loathe loathe loathe this co!


Community Power User
Community Power User

What plan is Data 65? I can't find any such plan or add-on on her Telus website. Can you share a link to the page which describes it?


Did you have data on the phone previous to this purchase?


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