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Data plan & overage charges


Hi, please can someone explain to me how it is normal to put my account in overage charges for $13.00 when my bill shows I have used 2933MB out of a 3GB plan?


I was just about to post something similar here. My App shows inaccurate GB used on my home internet so I called Telus yesterday and found out I only had 24GB left but the App showed 124GB. That’s not even the most frustrating part...on Tue I had 64GB, on Wed I had 32GB and on Thu I had 124??? So that’s when I called and found out the real number was 24GB. Today (Fri) my account reset as it should. The usage still shows 124GB...not 24. It’s not displaying the correct usage so it’s possible that it wasn’t showing you the correct data usage. Good thing I called because we would have gone over...thinking there was plenty left until midnight when we were going to reset anyway. I would have been pretty angry if I trusted the App and got overage charges.

I am not talking about my app displaying anything.


This is the information on my monthly bill pdf document

Used 2933MB out of 3GB and I get overage charges of 1$3.00