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A way to stop the emails and texts about roaming

Just Moved In

I live pretty much on the US border, and my phone service is poor, so I often end up on a US network.


I've shut off all roaming and Easy-Roam and all that (I don't want roaming), but my problem is this: Telus keeps sending me texts and emails all the time saying things like "We noticed a subscriber on your account is travelling outside of Canada".

Is there a way to make these messages stop?



While you may have roaming data turned off your phone will still connect to the US cell tower if that's the stronger signal. Even if it connects only for a few seconds/minutes and you don't use your phone the US network will still register your phone SIM during that time and trigger the messages.


You can try switching your phone from automatically selecting the network to connecting only to the Telus network. This means if you travel within Canada out of the Telus coverage you won't be able to connect to Rogers, etc. which is not a big deal since the likelyhood of the other carriers having coverage in that area is slim.