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Data continues to accumulate??!

Telia says my account is fine and I've not even come close to my limit. .. but my phone accumulate each month? Same with Wi-Fi. I've tried everything I know and have set and reset zeros then within a day it's back up higher than the previou...

Sueme by Just Moved In
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I cannot send out any emails. Getting a message saying it is the outgoing mail server.

Bryan005 by Just Moved In
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Phone Unlock

Good day, I want to unlock an iPhone 6s registered to Telus, I have contacted Support via Chat and was told to get a prepaid Telus sim to pay $50 for the Sim Unlock. Problem is that I do not reside in Canada. Is there any scenario that I can get some...

datrmon by Neighbour
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Resolved! My TELUS iPhone 6 in the States

Hi.Before I go any further, thank you to anyone taking the time to read this, and a very special thanks to anyone willing to share some knowledge about this with me...Ok so I have 2 things. My old phone (TELUS locked iPhone 6) and a friend in Califor...

No Network. "Searching..." for hours

For a few hours now, iPhone6+ has been sitting "Searching..." for the network. Restarted the phone, switched between Airplane mode, toggled cellular options off/on, factory reset Network settings, and checked my SIM card. Now waiting on an Apple upda...

LG G5 won't receied wav attachments within an email

I have a new LG G5, our company Voice mail program sends an email with a wav attachment whenever a Voice mail is left on our office phones. My new G5 receives the email but the attachment is not sent. We have approximately 90 phones, some Android, so...

Tayls by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Can't send email from iPad while in USA and Mexico

While I was in Houston and later in Mexico I was able to receive Telus email but I could not send. I double checked my settings and was using SMTP port 1025. I was using an iPad with IOS 10.2.1. I was able to send using Gmail and iCloud.

PacoG by Neighbour
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Resolved! finding phone #

Being an old guy I have trouble with these new gadgetsHow do I find my phone number on my Samsung Galaxy J3?Thanks in advance. Ron

RF1 by Just Moved In
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Travel to Mexico

I've been here since Monday and have extremely limited access. My phone was supposed to be unlocked, when I inserted my SIM card no screen came up to type in the password. Could you please resolve the ississue as I'm out $50 for "unlocking" my phone ...

_mexico by Just Moved In
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