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iPhone 7 - Buy?

So, what does the community think of the upcoming iPhone release? Anyone interested? Personally, if the Plus model has a markedly better camera, i might be willing to part with my hard earned $.

Galaxy S7 Edge

I've recently purchased a new S7 Edge on Telus Mobility.I think it's haunted lol ... The google voice search popped up on its own with a search result of a rather explicit word.Now I've noticed in my call logs there are calls to people I do not know ...

Ron3 by Just Moved In
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Samsung S7 edge FM radio

Hi there, recently I saw a post regarding the S7 edge FM radio function enabled by the U.S carrier software update.Will Telus S7 edge do the same in the next update? Thanks!

BeReal by Organizer
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Resolved! MMS delivery failure messages?

I have a first-gen MOTO G with the 'Data Block CDMA' add-on enabled in my service plan, as well as Data Services disabled on the phone itself (i.e: I DO NOT want any data charges on my phone).My question is: If a friend sends me an MMS picture text, ...

Galaxy Note 7 Recall

I am curious on if Telus plans to honor the Samsung recall on the Note 7 and offer up replacement devices pending Samsung's investigation?

RichP by Advocate
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Terrible experience trying to transfer a # to a new device/sim...

So I was in my local Telus store today to try to transfer my son's number from his current phone to a new one (my old one, as I've just upgraded). It's a different kind of sim card. The gentleman in-store very nicely informed me that he would have to...

sbialo by Just Moved In
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S7 edge not sending pictures

I can't seem to send or receive pictures via mms.I've never had this problem before till about a month ago.Data is turned on.Thanks.

Galaxy S6 Not sending or receiving MMS messages

I received the latest update yesterday (aug 26, 2016) and I am having an issue sending/receiving MMS messages. I've confirmed that data is turned on, confirmed the APN information for Telus. Does anyone have any ideas as to why it's not working? vers...

darderb by Organizer
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Galaxy s7

Galaxy s7 edge!! I got this phone almost 2 months ago and i cant use any of the third party applications like whatsapp, skype, viber. I can text but calls are dropping every 2 minutes or less. I have used other several phones like S4, S2 and i never ...

Memet by Just Moved In
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Resolved! How to delete posts?

Can't see how you delete a post. Like this one for example which is just an edit of an earlier post that I wanted to delete but can't.

Jason4532 by Just Moved In
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