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how do I remove my screen lock on Samsung galaxy s7?

My sister bought a new Samsung galaxy s7 edge last weekend, it's very cool to play game, take photos underwater, however, my sister set a screen lock on his S7 edge, how can I remove its screen lock from my sister's Samsung phone without losing data?...

Unlock iPhone SE

I have a new in the box iPhone se it's a Telus phone . In order for me to unlock it does the phone have to be connected to a Telus plan first? Or can it be done anyways?

razz by Just Moved In
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Cannot buy Google Pixel outright?

I just went into the Telus store to pickup one of the new Google Pixel XL phones. I was told that these phones cannot be purchased without a contract for a couple months because they're so new. My only option would be to renew my contract to get one....

andrew1 by Friendly Neighbour
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My 3G Phone

I recently got a voice mail from Telus on my cell phone. I was told that effective Jan 31/17, my 3G phone would no longer work because of a change that is being made. Anyone know anything about this? Many thanks

Bali by Just Moved In
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Resolved! iphone 6s on a 2 yr contract

i'm thinking about buying an iphone 6s but i was curious if you have to pay like $800 for the actual iphone itself if it's in a $0 down payment. or is there anyway you could pay like $200 upfront and maybe do monthly payments if you can't pay $800 up...

Resolved! Galaxy Note 7 - Recall

As per Samsung Canada they told me that along with the exchange of note 7, customers with note 7 are also entitled to $100 rebate if u decide to stay with Samsung product. How is telus handling this....?

Ali36 by Just Moved In
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CAT S60 on Telus LTE?

Is the CAT S60 supported by Telus LTE? It looks like it can use Band 4, which Telus uses, but I've seen conflicting information online (*gasp*) and don't fully understandn how mobile bands and frequencies work. Some places say you can find out defini...

Resolved! Blu Win HD LTE MMS

I have a Blu Win HD LTE carrier-unlocked phone and I am unable to receive MMS messages.I verified the IMEI with Telus' device compatibility check (