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Resolved! Question About Family Plan and Purchasing Phone

Hey everyone. I'm a hardcore Android user and this year I'm looking to add to a family plan a Google Pixel (or perhaps a Pixel 2 when it comes out). However, I've got a question. At the moment, my family has a family plan that they're using with two ...

Snicket by Neighbour
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transfer of ownership

If someone transfers ownership of a cell phone to someone else, can they later report it stolen and have device deactivated I guess u would call it?

jess2085 by Neighbour
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ZTE MF275R LTE Smart Hub Battery

Hi,I recently purchased a ZTE MF275R LTE Smart Hub from Telus. It was shipped without a battery because they were low on stock. Has anyone else had the same happen and received their battery yet?

RoPoR by Just Moved In
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Change service

Can I change from a prepaid to a monthly plan online?

Robert41 by Friendly Neighbour
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Smart remote for ios not working

My smart remote system quit working today. It asks for password and when entered, I get a message "The email address entered was not found; please try again or create your Optik TV account through your digital box." When I go to the digital box and r...

Zygnatz by Just Moved In
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Essential phone

Telus announced as exclusive supplier of the new Essential phone EDIT: Scooped by rholee!

NFtoBC by Community Power User
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Resolved! Can we no longer activate a new SIM online?

I just bought a new phone (from Telus) and am trying to change it on my account - the new phone shows up on my account as my device, but the SIM isn't activated and I can't find anywhere on my account to do that. Did they remove that feature from the...

carmenrae by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Canceling

Hi I'm moving to a different country in October and I have a two year contract how does it work? How do I cancel my phone?

Elzanthe by Just Moved In
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