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LG G8X ThinQ w/DualScreen - Lack of Support???


Anyone know why the LG G8X ThinQ w/DualScreen appears to have been shunned on the support front?


Purchased @ launch from Telus and to-date only received a single update which was January's security patch and that is it!


And as hard as I try cannot find anything in regards to its security patch scheduling (monthly/quarterly).


Understand Android 10 Q is supposedly arriving Q2 2020 yet my variant (LMG850UM2X) appears to be absent from any mention/list.


Contacted LG via Twitter in mid-March receiving the following response...


"thank you for sending us a message. Security updates are not released on a monthly basis. These are typically created upon request from service providers. Often times these updates may be several months apart.


As you can see the above reveals little yet basically blames the "lack of" on Telus, further inquiries to LG on this matter go unanswered.


Understood LG was bad with their support but never thought it'd be this bad especially out-of-the-gate (Nov 1 2019), and in 2020. If memory severs my last LG (G4) fared much better.


So yeah less than impressed right now and even more so when I see lesser, and much older, LG devices receiving updates according to Telus's Software Update Schedule page.






There is information on the process of updating phone software in this article.

The phone manufactures create the updates. The carriers request the update from the manufacturer only after there is a new version. If there is no new version then there is no reason to make a request.

Thanks xray but guess I should have been more clear as I'm quite aware as to how it is supposed to work...


When I first contacted LG my primary focus was oriented towards security patches being stated as follows...


"Are there plans on LG issuing more updates, specifically in the security department, for the LG G8X ThinQ model LM-G850UM? Still on January's issued update for usability, functionality, and security, only update I've received to-date on this device."


After their initial reply I responded back in part with...


"Google fixes security related bugs “monthly”, posts these changes on AOSP and/or notifies its partners (every OEM which has a Google certified Android device). The smartphone maker (insert LG here) then incorporates these fixes into their firmware giving a copy to the carriers. The carries approve the fixes then the release is sent out to devices over the air."


Anyway was just looking to see if anyone on here had some "in-side info" (LOL) beyond that which I've been able to obtain. Long shot sure yet until question(s) like these are asked one never knows.

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Community Power User

If Telus knows when an update is coming or will be released, it is added to the software update list. Other Canadian carriers do not show any recent updates for the LG G8X ThinQ. I couldn't find an update list for Bell but they are listing the phone as having Android 9 still. Telus won't request a monthly security patch / update / major OS update from the manufacturer. The device manufacturer creates one and releases it to the carriers. The only time a carrier would request a specific update from the manufacturer is if the prior on that was released had major problems. 


Judging by the response elsewhere online, Canadians aren't alone in waiting for updates for the G8X. The report that the Android 10 Update for the G8X was coming in Q2 2020 was from an Italian press release from back in January. LG hasn't posted a single update on their english websites so that Q2 date may be specifically for the Italian version of the update, as well as possibly the European release. There haven't been any announcements from LG when the Android 10 update for the G8X will hit other areas of the world, including North America.

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Yeah the G8X is turning out to be another one of LGs lonely child's. Going by my experiences over the course of owning smartphone's, support in the first few months in most instance has been the best then tapering off as time passes... Been quite some time starting out on the wrong foot such as this.


I keep very close tabs on updates for my devices as well as others (potential future purchases), so I'm always viewing the update schedule pages of Telus, Rogers, Fido, etc. Plus I frequent the web for news in regards. And like I said, there's been many other models of LG devices receiving updates fairly regularly since bought the G8X. And considering its retail price isn't anywhere near bottom-of-the-barrel we're quite perplexed why it's getting the cold shoulder here.


LG most certainly likes to keep quiet on update matters or at least that is how it appears to me. They've had a less than stellar past although did think 2020 might see an improvement, guess not. As with many OEMs and their device variants/regions, some users will see preferential treatment over others, been happening for years and that tradition is still very prevalent today w/Droid.

Telus is now offering the G8X ThinQ w/o DualScreen option for $690, and LG Canada has the dual screen case itself for $199.99. Seeing this has me thinking my dumpster fire in terms of support here has just gotten a whole lot bigger. Only solace is that I paid a wee bit less than the two figures above combined which was reasonable for what you get imo, yet does little to make up for the lack of support it has been receiving.

An update for anyone who cares...


After much research I've come to the realization it's not beyond the realm of possibilities Telus isn't behind my G8X ThinQ update woes...


Contacted Telus Support via Twitter with initial responses looking promising. But nope that wasn't to be as they tossed out the Covid-19 card - "there may be delays due to the pandemic in various aspects of the industry, and software upgrades may be impacted as well". I'd totally be fine with this if it weren't for the fact several older LG phones, and other phones in general, are seeing little in the way of update delays due to the pandemic, at least nothing even remotely close to what I am experiencing w/G8X ThinQ (now 6.5 months in with a single update, ever!)... You know what they say "if it don't make sense it probably isn't true". And support knew exactly the answer(s) I was looking for yet chose to reply with a lot of "who shot John", no surprised there.


So in my opinion, anyone considering the LG G8X ThinQ, is even remotely concerned with updates, should treat this smartphone like the plague. Seriously, this is not what I expected to see on a device in 2020 and it is totally unacceptable considering the price. Sure it is still 100% functional yet there's an increased level of vulnerability on the security end since it's not receiving any updates to patch possible holes in the software. Got to remember, support start at launch and in most instances ends within two years, there's no reprieve, no second chance, same rule applies if device is bought late in the game.


Well that's my rant for the day... No worries there will be another LOL.

Holy cow!!! Telus just updated their software update schedule page on May 22nd and to my amazement the G8X ThinQ FINALLY made the list, and for Android 10 no less (May 27). Yes great news although that says little about the future of updates on the G8X, my inner pessimism tells me likely not much is going to change.

Well the upgrade to Android 10 was a success which also Incorporated into it April's Security Patch. Chose to D/L early via the LG Bridge app just in case Telus missed their mark on the release date.

Now we sit and wait to see where we go from here in terms of support. Obviously it'll take months to come to a conclusion on this front but still pretty wary it'll be any different from our experience w/G8X over past 7 months.

Like clockwork back to the proverbial cold shoulder treatment getting left behind on the security patch front. Just don't understand why this one device is being singled out, makes no sense.

Well, we ended up receiving August's security patch (unbeknownst). Guess this is indicative of a quarterly regiment although falling somewhat short imo. Now we just have to wait and see if the G8X ThinQ will be inline to receive Android 11 but I'm not all that optimistic on that.

Either way LG is another OEM that we've scrubbed from our list of devices that'll be gracing our hands again after this poor showing of support.

Here we are 13.5 months in after purchasing G8X having received a whopping three updates! WOOHOO! great job LG - NOT!!!


Owned many poorly supported devices in my time but this one has finally taken top spot, and that's definitely not something to be proud of.


Wise to stay far far far away from this OEM IMHO... They plan to outsource their lower tier devices, newer devices are vanishing quite quickly like LG V60 ThinQ that's no longer available on Telus's site. So yeah signs that the road is very rocky in LG's camp.