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Security patch and One UI 2.5  update for Galaxy S9+ ??



   Does anyone know when Samsung Galaxy S9+ will get next update?

1. Security for October and November 
2. One UI 2.5 

Thanks !!



I wouldn't count on it being soon (edit: well maybe sooner than expected... if they can meet that possible target... see the follow-up post).

Support for older Samsung platforms seems to be fading with Telus, even for updates that make it onto the schedule list.


Would prefer to be able to just download the unlocked version directly from Samsung instead of being stuck waiting for the carrier.


Similar generation... but different SOC, the Note 9 was supposed to receive Optimization (possibly One UI 2.5) & Bug Fix beginning of November... never arrived, and today's Security patch (likely Oct as well as the more critical November patch) & Optimization (again likely One UI 2.5) was also supposed to drop, but nothing sofar.

Yet T-Mobile updated both the S9/S9+ and Note 9 the second week of November, and then AT&T and Verizon a couple of days later. 🧐


Kinda makes you wonder about the likelihood of Samsung being able to fulfill it's 3 generations software (4 years security) updates promise when carriers tend to get in the way of even current security updates under a less optimistic timeframe. 🤔

Thanks !!


@souravsaha  there's nothing yet on Telus, Rogers, or Bell's update schedules, but Rogers' discount brand Fido has the S9/S9+ getting their November Security patch + " other updates " showing a December 8th ETA.


I suspect Telus' schedule, when it's updated next, will likely be in a similar timeframe +/- a day or two in theory... but reality and the schedule sometimes conflict. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Thanks !!