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S22 Security Patches/Updates


I'm wondering why the S22 series is no longer receiving the monthly security patches. Yet, Samsung states the S22 is still on the list to receive them.

Is this a Telus issue/feature?







Hello @Powderjockey what is the latest One UI version in your phone? Were you able to contact Samsung directly regarding your security updates? My S23+ shows SMR Apr-2024 Release 1 under Security software version and under Android security patch level, April 1, 2024.

Reply from Samsung,

Thank you for contacting Samsung Canada Customer Care.
I understand your concern regarding updates on device. We're sorry for any inconvenience. Let me help you with the information. Samsung recommends waiting a few days (up to a week) to give the service provider time to roll out the update. Service providers schedule updates to be delivered in batches. It is possible that the update is not received immediately after the initial launch. Other variables that can impact delivery include how many devices are in need of the update and how large the update is. Software updates are provided when they are stable and secure for your specific device. To check for updates, go to Settings > Software Update > Download and Install. This will ensure that you have the latest version installed. We'd request you to wait and check. Once it receives you will be notified to update it. 
If you have any other questions or concerns please do not hesitate to get in contact with our Live Chat or email support.
Thank you for your cooperation,
Sincerely,Shawn.Samsung Canada Customer Support


Hello @Powderjockey , when was the last update done on your phone and what's your current One UI version? Maybe something went wrong with their last update according to this article here. 

It should be available soon if everything goes properly. 

Last update was February 2024, coincidentally the same month that the 2 year contract expired. I was receiving them every month up and till then.

The One UI version is 6.0


Yes, this is a TELUS issue. Other carriers have received updates after the fact, but TELUS instead just dumps an update if they see another one coming and that leaves devices unpatched for months instead of just weeks late. Many devices are still running January or February security updates instead of the serious March and April updates, let lone the critical May one. Meanwhile the exploits are spelled out in black and white on Samsung's site.


To Samsung's end, what's the point of promising monthly updates if you can't deliver on them 2 years later, and they want us to believe they can provide 7 years? LOL ! 🤪 They are at LG levels of poor OS updates.


I'd say Google is better but you're still stuck with TELUS in between you and your required updates. Only Apple (with all it's own drawbacks) at least it avoids the carriers' interference, and pretty much ALL of North America gets updated the SAME DAY (from iphone X to iphone 15), whereas Samsung can't even update all Top tier Snapdragon 8Gen1 devices the SAME WEEK because of carriers in the way.


The Telus' OTA schedule at this point is a joke more misses than hits.

Hello @KnightShadey  at this point feel free to contact their mobile tech support team to let them know about the missing update on your phone. They'll need to open a trouble ticket and launch an investigation. 

SF, already did that last missed update in April, both with Business support (not just single phone issue but MDM deployments) and via 611 (speaking with tech support), and this isn't the first time (there is no OTA discussion thread) but this is a long-time TELUS issue. Ticket just changes who tells you "It's Samsung's fault". When ALL we want is an HONEST Update of Status , even if it's "Sorry, it'll be delayed [REAL TIMEFRAME]" , not just the obvious 'No News means No Update".


Their solution "We don't know, you should contact Samsung (already did that similar to PowderJockey)" and then advised to "visit a dealership" , who continued the circle-twerk with "we have no information... you really should be contacting 611 & Samsung..." Corporate dealers are no longer what they used to be either, just glorified consumer dealerships selling the latest flavour-du-jour modems, VOIP and security.


The frustrating thing is that with the OTA discussion thread gone from the neighbourhood [dead link], and the OTA schedules usually being published AFTER the fact... and even then not being correct, there seems to be less effort in Software updates, at a time when security patches are more and MORE Critical. This isn't just wanting feature updates (for some people that's definitely it with the One UI 6.1 AI update), but this is now 3-4 MONTHS without security updates or even an accurate status update. And this isn't the first time BY FAR.


The lack of even an advisory "this batch of updates have been delayed, but is still coming / isn't coming..." ANYTHING, shows a lack of respect and understanding of the importance of software for mobile phones. The OTA Update schedule is treated like a pass-time instead of the customer-facing side of a vital product. Perhaps it needs to be moved inside the Telus mobility site to be treated like s product. Not that Bell or Rogers is much better at this.


There's enough blame to go around, but it just reinforces the TRUTH that carriers need to be removed from the process. Apple's model works (beta test to a subset of users, then release to everyone), the current Samsung model will be worse once AI security exploits increase, having people in between just makes it a bigger problem. Security updates should happen ASAFP, whereas feature updates can wait and get the whole TELUS wallpaper treatment. With the knowledge that the FAILURE there are a TELUS product as much as any bragging about network speed/coverage/etc


"Contact 611" at this point is like "please continue to hold, we value your business... your call is important to us.."

Maybe this is a CRTC complaint.  Cyber security, is not something to mess with, and this is a 'Joke' of a process.  Shameful all around.

Yeah, definitely. I already stated that in a post that has now been deleted.... errrr.....  "archived";


However, thread is still the TOP result on google if you search "Telus OTA" , and can be viewed with Google's cached copy.

Also, that thread, along with this and the other thread, knocking the official Telus OTA Schedule out of top 3 spots. 🤣  Brilliant, somehow we've made the issue worse by discussing it. 🙃🤦🏻‍:male_sign:😜


It seems like there is more activity deflecting/hiding the shortcomings, and more effort to control the complaints than just getting someone to type the following:

" Sorry (very Canadian opening, but could use 'Unfortunately'), an issue was discovered in our intended release, we(telus) / they(samsung) are preparing a fix, we will update with a new ETA ASAFP..."

(* hopefully at least a day BEFORE the update Dumps on people, so you can prepare your KNOX deployments).


Of course this update dropped Tuesday night WITHOUT WARNING after work while out watching hockey.... so not an ideal time to manage things, to say the least. 🤬


These seem like basic customer service items in a CRUCIAL area of SECURITY that is getting more and more high stakes. It's like an afterthought, until they want to sell you Telus Security or Samsung Knox, and then wonder why the feedback is " Do NOT recommend". 🤔


I don't want apologies, I just want  sincere commitment to "Do Better". 🤙

I understand and at this point, not much I can do but I'll try to find more information. The answer will most likely be between Samsung and the Telus product manager in charge of Samsung devices.
I'll keep you posted if I can dig up some information.


I just checked for updates this date, 24-05-14, and the One UI 6.1 update with the April Security patch was waiting.

Thanks for sharing, which device are you using? The software update page will most likely be updated as well.

S22 Ultra

That's a solid phone! Feel free to share how the update process went, no issues on my S23+ when I got it earlier.