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Ordered a new phone online and it was sent back to Telus. Help!

Just Moved In

I ordered a new phone with the Bring It Back Program and received it a few days later. Unfortunately, a family death occurred and I was not home to sign off on the package and had to go out of the country for a week. I tried to pick up my package today from UPS and they said that they have already sent it back to Telus. What should I do? There's no status on where it is. Is it lost?


Community Manager
Community Manager

First, my condolences on your loss. Hoping your family is doing well. I checked and your best bet would be to reach out directly to our Mobility team at 1-866-558-2273 so they can investigate and look into getting it sent again.

Just Moved In

If you ordered a new phone online and it was mistakenly sent back to Telus, contact their customer support immediately for assistance. Provide them with your order details and tracking information to expedite the resolution process. They should be able to investigate the issue, locate the package, and arrange for its redelivery to your address. Stay in communication with them until the matter is resolved satisfactorily.