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Question about May 3rd update for Samsung

Hello, is the May 3rd update for Samsung on Telus going to be a huge One UI 6.1 update party? All of them says "Optimizations+Security Update" and it's listed for S22 Series, S21 Series, Fold 4, Flip 4, Fold 3, Flip 3

Community Manager
Community Manager

I'm not entirely sure myself; I know that the S23+ is already on 6.1 so for older/other devices you might want to reach out to Samsung directly.

The Telus S22 was originally going to receive One UI 6.1 on April 10th but it's now for May 3rd, even the 2021 flagships on there too if the S22 did receive 6.1 on April 10th as planned, there would be only the 2021 flagships on there for May 3rd, it's not the first time a big update has released at the same time for 2 different year models.


We're May 3, where is the update?

Probably delayed, ugh

This is getting ridiculous...

Canada S23 was scheduled to get 6.1 on March 28th but ended up releasing OTA on April 2nd, 5 days after schedule date

S22 was originally scheduled for April 10, then May 3, then ???

Apparently Samsung stopped the update as it bricks the S22 line!?

Just in Korea. Not every single S22 has issues

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Any update on this? I have a Galaxy Fold 4 and my last update was the Feb 1 patch.