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Software Update Schedule

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Samsung GS9 Jul 9 Optimization and bug fix
Samsung GS9+ Jul 9 Optimization and bug fix
Samsung J3 Prime Jul 9 Optimization
Huawei P20 Jul 11 Security update
LG V30  Jul 11 Security update
Huawei P20 Pro Jul 16 Security update
Samsung Note 5 Jul 26 Security update
Samsung GS6 Edge+ Jul 26 Security update
Samsung GS7 Aug 2 Security update
Samsung GS7 Edge Aug 2 Security update
Samsung A5 (2017( Aug 6 Security update
Google Pixel Aug 7 Android P
Google Pixel XL Aug 7 Android P
Google Pixel  2 Aug 7 Android P
Google Pixel  2 XL Aug 7 Android P
Alcatel U50 Aug 8 Bug fix
Huawei P20 Pro Aug 8 Security update
Huawei P20 Aug 8 Security update

Last updated: Aug 9, 2018

All dates are approximate and subject to change. See the Software Update Life-Cycle blog post for more information.


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Why are comments being deleted from here?  Deleting concerns is no way to run a forum!



@mhinc they didn't. They moved them to a new thread. Chill. haha 


 @Dark_Knight  Thanks!  Would have been nice if a link was posted from the mods stating this in the first place.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Any comments on specific devices or updates have been categorized and moved to discussion pages in our Mobility Devices forum. Make sure to check it out to join the conversation. 

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Community Manager

Hello Neighbours,


Did a bit of house cleaning to keep the conversation more consistent. Comments citing specific device updates where there is already a discussion topic started have been moved into their respective threads. Similarly, all comments citing "Marshmallow" without mentioning a specific device have been moved to the "Android Marshmallow Update" thread.

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