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Public IP address option for rural consumers. Solve STRICT/DOUBLE NAT Type for Consumers!


I live in the boonies of Central Alberta, middle of nowhere! (Near Exshaw, to be more exact) I was jibbed by Xplornet for a long while with a terrible plan and service. So I was convinced, sold and converted to the ZTE Smarthub over the phone by a wonderful Telus Salesperson. I was sold so easily because of the great price and the fact that I could apparently online game on my xbox one!


I received the box, set it up with ease and great speeds compared to my old Xplornet Potato internet. Lone behold the Xbox One is receiving Double NAT and STRICT NAT. I knew the drill and went NUTS with port forwarding and DMZ protocols to get around the NAT issues. After extensive research through forums and calls to TELUS, the only solution is through acquiring a Public IP address. Which is not available to Consumers under any circumstances. 


In conclusion, bought the package to game, package is not capable of gaming whatsoever. The solution is apparently simple on ISP side of things but is not and apparently will not be offered anytime soon. I just want to Game in my home rurally but my only option is TELUS.


Anyone else in the same boat? Has SOMEONE found a Hail Mary solution around all of this? I'll praise you as a god if you have.


Your new neighbour next door,





Where was this "fact that you could online game on  your xbox one"?

The FAQ includes information that you cannot.


The world is out of public IPv4 addresses. That's why you have a "double NAT".  Until the world is fully on IPv6, you're likely to not find a good solution.  Didn't your previous provider have the same problem?


From the FAQ: 

Can I play Peer 2 Peer (P2P) Online gaming with Smart Hub?

  • The Smart Hub is currently not configured to support P2P gaming on any online gaming console including Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo. This is due to a limitation on the network.