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AT&T Unlocked LG V30 Compatible with Telus Network?

From: Big_Shot_Bob_13 AT&T Unlocked LG V30 Compatible with Telus Network?Hi,Interested in getting the new LG V30 in the next couple of weeks and haven't heard anything from Telus regarding availability. I've heard some rumours on price (off contract)...

NFtoBC by Community Power User
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Resolved! My S7 Sparked, Smoked, and Stopped Taking a Charge

Hello, I am a new Telus customer who is also part of the Telus family indirectly. I have been a loyal Samsung customer since the S3 and love their phones. (Except the new update...) I became a Telus customer 4 months ago, when I received a new S7. Ab...

Freeny by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Alcatel questions

HiI'm new to cell phone related stuff so I have 2 easy questions. I have an Alcatel flip phone. How do you get it to ring so you can hear it? Where/ how do you set up an outgoing message/ greeting ? no mention of it in the manual thx

Updates for unlocked phones

If I have a Huawei P10 Plus phone (not sold by Telus) and it's unlocked and working on the Telus network, will I still get the Oreo update when it's released by Huawei?

djbeck by Friendly Neighbour
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Charged Long Distance Without Cause

So, I’m in a corporate discount plan with my wife. For the last three months we keep getting charges for long distance showing that (usually) I’m calling or receiving calls from Sannich (near Victoria) when I’m in a suburb of Vancouver. There’s no re...

Unlocked S8 from US

I want to buy an S8 while in the US in a couple weeks, even with the dollar it's still cheaper to get it there. Will it work on the Telus network if I get a SIM card here when I return? Any questions or things to check before buying? I'm assuming all...

Resolved! Sim card

Got a new phone today and somehow locked my sim. Need my phone for work !!!

Mickey77 by Just Moved In
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Galaxy S4 or the LG Optimus G LTE

My hubby and I have our three year contracts up soon so we'll be getting new phones. Currently we have it narrowed down to the Samsung Galaxy S4 or the LG Optimus G LTE. Does anyone have either of these? Any pros or cons to either?