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Resolved! Optik TV on a tablet

Hello,I can't seem to get certain channels on my tablet for my Optik TV account. For example Turner Classic Movies. The information (live TV) comes up but when I press play, it states it's not available for playback. Any solutions? Thanks!

Resolved! Drive+ error code removal.

Anyone know if there is a way to clear error codes with the Drive+ after the repair is completed? I completed the repair 3 days ago but still get the error code every time I start the car.

Resolved! Samsung S7 Quick Dial

New update loaded on June 11/018. The Quick Dial function has disappeared.Do you know how to reactivate? This phone was purchased Dec 2017, and has no "Galaxy Labs" thar many websites refer to.

Wayman by Friendly Neighbour
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Call forwarding issue on iphone (various models)

Hi there, I can't seem to get call forwarding to work on my iphone X (tested out on iphone 6 plus as well, issue persists). however, if I put my sim in another device, call forwarding can be activated and deactivated like usual. Any suggestion? Thank...

ann6ix by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Ios 11.4 update issues

Anyone having issues where the music keeps having to be reinstalled constantly so its available off and online also a bug with instagram followers??

Resolved! US unlocked phones

Hi i am on vacation in the US and my s8 looks like it's not repairable.Do US unlocked phones work on the Telus network?Thanks

Mctim1 by Just Moved In
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LG G6 Battery

Since the major system update a few weeks ago, the battery life on my G6 is terrible. It was great before, I would plug it in at night with 50% or more battery left; now it can't make it to the end of a work day without a charge, even if I'm hardly u...

slyster by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Device balance

HeyIf you pay a device balance off do you lose your promo of 1gb extra data even though you intend to keep internet and pik tvI have been a customer for yearsAnd promo of 15$ off unlimited internetAnd the plan is 105$ a month so how much would i save...

Iphone X or Galaxy S9+

I'm currently having a difficulty trying to decide which phone I should get. I have S8+ and iphone 8 for usage at the moment and I must say I do enjoy Samsung more. Does Iphone X has something extra ordinary than the Iphone 8?

Resolved! Anyone know how often iPhone 8 goes on sale?

I just barely missed the last $0 iPhone 8 sale with Telus. Anyone have any kind of estimate for how long it might be until another one comes up? A couple weeks? A month? Half a year?I tried contacting support about it, but they won't budge. All they'...

Lurrrch by Just Moved In
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