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ZTE Hub randomly disconnecting


Hey all - new here. Bought a hub a number of years ago and it worked flawlessly for a few years. Got a new one and for a year it randomly disconnected about 3 times a month. I would have to manually turn it off and on again, and it would work for a few days or a week, and then simply disconnect again. I tried troubleshooting with telus a few times, never did figure it out. Finally got fed up and insisted on a replacement. Telus did good, got me a new one and a sweet plan for my troubles - Got it mid November 2020 - it did not disconnect once until Dec 31, and now it disconnects about 4 times a month. Is anyone else having this issue? One hub not working is acceptable, crap happens.  But now this is two. Frustrated as I need to be able to connect to my desktop from remote locations and if it's disconnected, I am not there to manually reset the hub.