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Bring your own 4g Router for Smart Hub service?

Has anyone had success bringing a third-party 4g router to their rural Smart Hub service? I just tried to set up a Netgear LAX-20 4g router and was told by tech support that no BYODs are allowed at all. The Netgear should work (proper LTE bands), and...

jtg575 by Friendly Neighbour
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Smart hub speed issues

I have a smart hub installed with an outside antenna 1 mile away from a tower. My problem is that the download speed starts off well above the 25 Mb. limit but slowly drops down to less than 1Mb. Doing a short term speed test shows good speed but doe...

JC99 by Just Moved In
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Galaxy watch active 2 with LTE

Why sell galaxy watch active 2 with lte if you cannot provide its full feature. The reason why I bought this because it can work independently. Only to find out that I cannot send text messages if it is not connected to my phone or if my phone is off...

Interim solution for text messages

Hi I dropped my cell in the ocean tonight. I ordered a sim and am buying an iphone from a friend. In the meantime, is there anyway to access SMS messages? I can get imessages on my wifi only ipad but not regular text messages. Any help is appreciated...

Resolved! Alcatel GO 3 Flip phone

I made the mistake of choosing this phone. I chose this device because all I want is a phone. I don't use it for anything else except to make calls and text messages.Herein lies the problem. In attempting to add names to the Contacts, I found there w...

Di444 by Organizer
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Device shipping delay

I ordered LG VELVET 5G GREY COLOR + FREE GIFT EARBUD at April 5.Now, 8 days has passed...However, Telus is not even shipping it.I have called to customer center and webstore many times and they said they cannot track it and cannot explain the reason....

TIM44 by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Credit Check

I'm 18 and I want to buy a phone plan with Telus but I do not have a credit card. I do have a Social insurance number, and would be paying with my CIBC Debit card. How will the credit check go and can I open an account Telus? Will there be any proble...

Sienna1 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! On line texting

How do I send and receive text message from my computer using my TELUS phone number

Resolved! wireless home phone error tones

My WF723 wireless home phone works pretty well, but will occasionally generate some sort of error tone when receiving a call. The calling party does not hear it, but I do, and it is really distracting. It is a series of three notes, repeating. Anyone...

earlmo by Just Moved In
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