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Ported phone number to Telus, 3+ hours apps are “waiting for activation”

Just Moved In
I switched from Rogers to Telus today and ported my phone number. The process was completed by about 630pm. Telus said it may take about 90 minutes for the port to complete. It’s not almost 10pm. I have received no text saying the port is complete. As well iMessages, FaceTime and my phone number is showing as the temporary number. And it’s saying “waiting for activation” in messages and FaceTime. Only some people can call me, iMessage is technically working using my email. I’ve tried the “soft reset” by turning messages and FaceTime off. No luck! Any suggestions or am I just being impatient and this process takes longer than I thought.

Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

Hi @emkatch the process can take up to 24 hours but I've rarely seen it take that long.  Did you receive the SMS to authenticate you want to port the numbers?  If you are still waiting and your line is not transferred by now I suggest you contact the team that can help you and investigate a bit further 1-877-868-3587.